Thursday, 23 May 2013

Yangjae Citizen's Forest

On a recent day off from work, I went for a wander around Yangjae Citizen's Park. Created in 1986 in anticipation of the Seoul Summer Olympics of '88, the park is an urban forest containing over 70 different species of tree, and is well known for its barefoot acupuncture path.

On the way to the park, I saw these cool statues near Yangjae metro station.

There were quite a lot of schoolchildren out on field trips at the park.
A supposedly popular area (though actually very quiet when I visited) is the barefoot acupuncture path.
The stone arrangements massage your feet as you walk across them. However, some of them, I have to say, were anything but pleasurable.

The park also has some pretty flower arrangements.

An abandoned swimming pool.
A cool eco-cafe I stopped at on the way home.

Yangjae Citizen's Forest makes for a pleasant place to go for a stroll, and I really recommend visiting if only for the acupuncture path. You can easily get there from Yangjae station or Yangjae Citizen's Forest station.

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