Friday, 10 May 2013

Attending a Korean Wedding: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 if you haven't already.

After the wedding was over, a bunch of us headed to Gangnam, looking for a place to have a drink. Near Samseong Station we found a cool square that celebrates the G20-Summit held in Seoul in 2010.

We headed for this hotel to see if it had a bar where we could drink.
Beautiful spring-time flowers surrounded the hotel. 

Lost in the hotel corridors.

We saw some great views of the city from the hotel's upper floors.

We found a place to drink, but it turned out everything was outrageously overpriced, with the most expensive bottle of wine totalling around 1400 dollars. Even a simple bottle of Cass (one of Korea's cheapest popular beers) cost 15 dollars!
The moment we realised that we couldn't afford to drink here, despite our fancy wedding outfits.
Back out on the streets of Samseong, a local Korean asks us for directions. 
While continuing our search for a place to drink, we noticed a bar dedicated to Radiohead.
Also found a cool cafe with a scooter outside. 
Finally we settled for cocktails at a pleasant, sunlit cafe near Samseong station.
It had a tree growing through the middle of it.

I was very grateful to have the opportunity to see a wedding here in Korea. The ceremony was much shorter than I was used to - and perhaps a little tackier - but it still had a lot of charm, and I was glad that despite being westernised it still had its own distinctly Korean flavour.

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