Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Three Villages of Paju: Part 2

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WARNING: there are some sexually-explicit pictures on this page, from our time in an erotic art museum.

After finishing our tour of the English Village, we found ourselves lost as we tried to find Heyri Art Valley. Fortunately, a passerby took us there via a shortcut through some woods.
Heyri Art Valley, a maze of galleries and sculptures.
This gallery was built around a living tree.

The Little Prince! Korea seems to love this little fellow. We previously saw him at Petite France and at Busan's Gamcheon Village, and it always brightens our day whenever we see him again.

We couldn't resist checking out the erotic art museum.
Erotic Korean photography from around 1910.

Inside an Africa-themed shop.

Soon we made our way to Provence Village. On the way we saw this cool swimming pool surrounded by robots, a double-decker bus and a mushroom house.

Approaching the colourful houses of Provence Village.

Later that evening we headed to Paju Premium Outlets. We were going to do some shopping there, but I fell a little ill, so we headed back to our hostel instead.

Paju's three cultural villages are definitely worth a daytrip out of Seoul. They're all within walking distance of one another, can be easily explored in a couple of hours each, and so if you're going to visit one you may as well see the others too. We took a taxi to Gyeonggi English Village from Geumchon Metro Station (on the Gyengui Line) and walked to the other villages, though you can also take local buses. If you do plan to walk between the villages I do recommend having a map at hand (either printed or on your phone) as they're not well signposted.


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