Monday, 6 May 2013

Further Explorations of Jindo: Part 2

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After leaving the atelier, we went to a nearby Buddhist temple nestled in a small, forested valley.
Upon entering the temple grounds, we were greeted by these ominous figures. 

Drinking some fresh, sacred mountain water from a font.
After having lunch in the nearby village, we had an hour to kill before our bus left, so we decided to walk along this stream. 
We navigated the river not by the footpath next to it, but by hundreds of stepping stones strewn along its surface.

Encountering some fellow "stream-walkers." 

We would have loved to have continued walking along the river for longer, but our bus was departing for Seoul. We soon boarded and endured a 7-hour bus ride back home.
Despite the miserable bus journeys there and back, Jindo was a cool place at which to spend the weekend. The sea-crossing festival was obviously the highlight of the trip, but I really enjoyed our calm, lazy Sunday there as well. Walking the stepping stone stream was particularly memorable, probably because of how unplanned it was. Sometimes the most enriching adventures are the ones that come about through spontaneity and discovery, not through rigorous planning or adherence to a busy sightseeing schedule. This is something I'd like us to keep in mind during our future travels.

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