Monday, 6 May 2013

Further Explorations of Jindo: Part 1

The day after we partook in Jindo island's famous Sea-Parting Festival, Angela and I spent a Sunday afternoon in a lush, mountainous retreat in the middle of the island. While there, we explored the workplace of a nineteenth century Korean artist, visited a quiet Buddhist temple, and walked along a stream filled with stepping stones. It was one of the more tranquil days I've spent in this often-bustling country.

Waking up on our beach near the festival area.

Angela posing in front of some giant seashells with a seashell I found for her on the beach. 
We returned to the festival area, which had been packed with people yesterday but was now very quiet.
The island is inhabited by some pretty big ants.
Back at the statue of old lady Ppong and a tiger.

Back at camp, a fellow Seoul Hiker plays frisbee with a boy on the beach.

Our bus soon took us further inland.
Arriving at a beautiful valley in the middle of the island.
This friendly local taught Angela how to play a Korean folk instrument.
We spent some time in Unlimsanbang, an atelier owned by Sochi Heoryeon, a gifted nineteenth century artist known for his southern style of Korean traditional painting.

Inside the main complex was a gallery dedicated to the work of both Sochi Heoryeon and his descendants. These paintings reminded me of the videogame, Limbo.

There was also a museum dedicated to Korean history. 

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2!

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