Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Field Trip to Seoul Land

Last week my school went on a field trip to Seoul Land, an amusement park in Seoul Grand Park (which I visited back in December when I went to the Contemporary Art Museum). Us foreign teachers were only allowed to stay at the park for a few hours, as we needed to cover afternoon classes back at our hagwon, but we got to wander the main grounds and go on a ride with the kids.

Arriving at the park via a back entrance.

Me with two of my favourite students, Jenny and Lisa. 

Sitting down to have lunch. 
The falling of cherry blossom leaves.

Posing with Harvard class. 
Waiting to go on the airship ride. 

Aicha-Teacher with Toronto class.
Lauren-Teacher during lift-off.
Roxie-Teacher with Toronto Class.

After the ride was over, us foreign teachers made our way out of the park.

The hills surrounding the park were covered in beautiful spring-time colours.

Exiting through the main doors. 
We took this elephant-train back towards the nearest metro station. 
Leaving Seoul Grand Park.

Though short-lived, this field trip made for a fun outing with the kids. The weather was gorgeous, Seoul Land itself was quite a charming place as theme parks go, and it's always nice getting to spend some time with my students and fellow teachers outside of the work environment. Angela really wants to go to Seoul Land with me before we leave Korea, so don't be surprised if I make another post about it in the near future.


  1. I've like completely went through so may of your posts! Very informal and I am loving all the pictures.Sound like you had a really good time in Korea! Do you mind telling me which hagwon you worked at?

    1. Thanks Pree, glad you like the blog. I worked at YBM Gwangmyeong for my first year, then SLP Gangnam for four months. Both decent enough schools though they work you pretty hard if you're a morning teacher.