Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Haesindang Penis Park

Angela and I spent a recent weekend in Samcheok, a city on Korea's east coast. While there, we visited nearby Haesindang Park, which is famous for its erect, phallic statues that adorn the cliffs and hills by the sea.

The journey to Samcheok took about four hours from Seoul by bus.
After settling into a nearby motel, we waited at Samcheok bus station for a bus to the penis park.

Passing some pleasant scenery on the way.
The park is located in the sleepy fishing village of Sinnam.
The smell of freshly-caught squid filled the air.

Entering the park, and seeing our first of many erect penises.
Before exploring the park proper, we relaxed on the beach for a while.

Back in the penis park.
From up here we could see in the distance a small island with a figure standing on it.
With the aid of a telescope, we could see the figure more closely: a statue (not penis-related) holding its hand up as if waving to people on the shore.
The park is paved with stairs that take the visitor deeper and deeper into a magical world of penises.
Here I am, riding a big one.

As a result of the copious amounts of sexual imagery, bugs can be seen everywhere getting it on.

This penis cannon tilted up and down as if readying its aim.

Putting my head inside a vagina inside a penis.
"Watch out where you put that chainsaw, buddy."

The Twelve Zodiac signs in penis form.
Angela with the dragon.
Me with the ox.

This dog knows what's up.

As we rounded our way back towards the entrance of the park, we made a detour to the Samcheok Fishing Village Folk Museum, which is based around the traditional fishing culture of the local area.

Despite being a fishing museum there were still plenty of penises to be found.

Stopping off at the beach again.
While waiting for a ride back to Samcheok, I spotted this mantis hanging out on the trees near the bus stop.

The sun was setting as we returned to our motel.

If you're interested in visiting Haesindang Park yourself, take Bus 24 from Samcheok Intercity Bus Terminal (it's just behind the national bus terminal) and get off at Sinnam (listen carefully for them to announce it on the loudspeaker). It takes about 50 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.

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