Thursday, 2 May 2013

Jindo Sea-Parting Festival: Part 2

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Someone found a cool-looking crab.

Soon a flag procession passed from Modo towards Jindo, accompanied by the beating of drums.

Me with a starfish I found.
The sea was starting to rise again, so we made our way back towards Jindo.

A real-life Moses.

As the sea level rose, some sections of the water became quite fierce.
Angela with a tiny crab.
One last look at the crossing procession as people make their way back to Jindo.
Back on shore, the paved road felt incredibly smooth and pleasing to walk on after spending an hour on the rock-strewn seabed.
Back at camp, we cooked and ate some tasty burgers for dinner.
The group got a campfire going as well.
Angela with a crisp, burning marshmallow.
Though the festival area was quiet at night, there were a few stalls open along the road near our camp.

Tucked away in the darkness was a slightly seedy comedy act presented by a drag queen.
Back on the beach, we befriended a little dog who was roaming the sands without an owner.

Gathering round the campfire.
It was a long, bum-numbing bus ride from Seoul to Jindo, but it was absolutely worth it for the memorable weekend we had there. The sea parting festival was such a unique, magical experience - we walked for miles along a starfish-encrusted seabed wearing bright-orange wellies! - and getting to camp on the beach with a bunch of cool people was the cherry on top.

This wasn't the last we saw of Jindo. The next day, before heading back to Seoul, some of us stayed to check out a quiet, mountainous retreat in the middle of the island, which will be the subject of my next blog entry.

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