Monday, 15 April 2013

Yeosu - Maritime City of the South: Part 2

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Becoming one with the fishies. 

Inside the underwater tunnels.
Turtles are the chillest animals. Or maybe I've just watched Finding Nemo one too many times.
Nope, turtles are definitely super chill.

A sea lion performs a moving rendition of Nessun Dorma.
From the aquarium there are some great views of the Expo complex, which sits empty a year after the Expo finished. The grounds look very tranquil, and it'll be a shame if the local government doesn't turn them into some sort of recreational space.

After leaving the aquarium we headed for a nearby marina.
We started to cross a bridge towards Odong Island, but realised we didn't have time to go the whole way.
Instead, we started to climb some steps up the side of a cliff, granting us some pretty views of the marina. 

At the top of the cliff were some pretty cherry blossoms... well as a traditional Korean pavilion.
Not sure why I pulled this pose.
There were some really stunning views of the coast. 

There was a really strong, cold wind blowing into the pavilion, but it was worth it for the views of the islands surrounding Yeosu.
Vista of Yeosu city.
On our way back down. 
Back on the cherry blossomed streets of the city.

Soon we departed for another adventure, this time in the mountains.
When I first came to Korea, I was kind of bummed out when I found out I'd missed out on seeing a World Expo by a few months. Angela's descriptions and videos of it made it look like a really fun event. Still, at least I got to visit the city where it took place. Yeosu was probably the most serene city I'd visited in Korea so far, and it provided a great introduction to the southern regions of the country. I'd love to see it in summer and maybe check out its beaches while it's warm.

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