Monday, 15 April 2013

Yeosu - Maritime City of the South: Part 1

Earlier this month, following Nonsan Strawberry Festival, Angela and I continued our Seoul Hiking Group adventure right down to the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula. For the first time, I got to see the subtropical, palm tree-filled vistas of "the South side of the South." Our journey took us to the picturesque coastal city of Yeosu, famous for its marinas, seafood and many islands. The city was also host to the 2012 World Expo, whose theme was "the living ocean and coast." Our time in the city also centred on this theme, since we visited the local aquarium, the harbour, and a cliffside pagoda overlooking the coastal waters of Yeosu Peninsula.

This map shows Yeosu Peninsula and its surrounding islands in red, right at the southern tip of Korea.
We arrived in Yeosu on Saturday evening, a little tired from the strawberry festival earlier that day, and stocked up on food and alcohol.
Our bus driver took us to our pension a little way outside the city. Angela and I stayed in a large room with around ten other people. Fortunately, they were a really nice bunch, not too loud but still up for some fun and chatter. We played some games together, like this Korean board game, Yut. 
We also did some late-night yoga.

We later hung out and drunk soju with some other Seoul Hikers in a different pension. One of the girls there had kidnapped a bunny from the Strawberry Festival earlier that day.

Around midnight, Jason made us some soup while we were all drunk.
Our pension the next morning.
The view from our window. 
Angela and I went for a morning stroll along the beach. 

We soon caught the bus back to Yeosu, passing some verdant, coastal scenery on the way.

In Yeosu, many of the streets were lined with cherry blossoms, a sign of the onset of spring. 
Arriving at Yeosu Aqua Planet, the second largest aquarium in Korea (the largest being Jeju's). 
Angela says hi to some penguins. 
It looks a little like the child on the right is in the tank with the penguin.
Whale anatomy lessons. 
An inquisitive beluga whale.

Angela looks pleased to be holding a sea cucumber.
The piranha tank. 
A wall of jellyfish.

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2!

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