Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cycling 3 Islands - Sindo, Sido and Modo: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

After a short time navigating the rocky coast, we reached Sugi Beach.

Our group was already there, chilling on the beach and eating lunch.
Chilling in an abandoned office chair with an awesome coastal view.

Angela found a starfish.

While cycling towards Modo we saw some smoke coming from the road ahead.
It turned out to be burning piles of...crops, I guess.

My chain came loose, which required some readjusting at the side of the road.

Crossing to the smallest island, Modo.

On Modo we visited a sculpture park on the beach. 
All of the sculptures were created by Korean artist, Lee Il-Ho, and many of them had a surreal, semi-erotic quality to them. 
Angela inside a giant seashell, or what she referred to as "a rape den."

Couldn't resist riding the human centipede. 

Around 4 o'clock we started cycling back across the islands to the ferry port. 

Close to the ferry port.
Angela and I had an awesome time exploring these quiet, colourful islands. It was strange being somewhere so silent and empty after living in Seoul all these months. There were so few cars or people that the islands felt abandoned at times. If you're looking for a quiet retreat for the weekend, you can get to the islands via Sammok Dock (get bus 710 from Unseo Station) near Incheon.

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