Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hiking Yeongchwisan - The Pink Mountain: Part 2

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There were lots of other hikers chilling out among the pinkness.

Nearly at the top. 
From the mountain we could see Yeosu National Industrial Complex, the largest chemical plant in Korea. It was bit of an eyesore, I guess, but it hardly ruined the beauty of the azaleas.
Soon we reached the top and saw a mountain crest covered in pink azaleas.

With Seoul Hiking Group.

It was getting late and we had a long ride back to Seoul, so we started to make our way down. 
Going through the flower tunnel again. 
Warren, leader of Seoul Hiking Group, and font of everlasting enthusiasm.
We took a slightly different route down, this time via a small, paved road that weaved between stunning natural scenery.

Abseiling down some steep, muddy slopes. 
A gravesite on the foot of the mountain.
Soon we re-entered the town and its surrounding farms. 

At last we reached the main road, where we regrouped with our bus before taking a long journey back north to Seoul.
A pretty Yeongchwisan montage that Angela made on Instagram.
We both had an awesome time exploring the beauty of Yeongchwisan. The weather was perfect, the flowers were in full bloom, and I've never been anywhere in the natural world with such vibrant pinks and purples everywhere. This hike, along with Nonsan Strawberry Festival and Yeosu City, provided a great opening adventure for spring, and I'm excited for the many other trips we'll be doing throughout the season.

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