Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cycling 3 Islands - Sindo, Sido and Modo: Part 1

Last weekend, Angela and I went with Seoul Hiking Group on a daytrip to three islands near Incheon: Sindo, Sido and Modo. We rented bicycles and cycled all three islands via connecting bridges. Along the way we saw quiet reservoirs, love story film sets and a surrealist sculpture park.

A map shows the three islands, with the smallest, Modo, on the left, and the largest, Sindo, on the right.
On a beach near Incheon airport we waited for our ferry across to Sindo.
Angela on the ferry. It was a short, 10-minute ride to the islands.
A lonely dog we saw on Sindo just after arriving.

Our group, led by Jason, rented bikes, while Warren's group hiked across the islands.
Group shot.

On our way across Sindo. There were very few cars and it was by far the quietest place I'd visited in Korea so far.
Jason taking snaps from his bike.
Cycling past some cube-shaped motel rooms.

Only a few hundred residents live on the islands, the vast majority of them farmers or fishermen.

The bicycles were quite old and only had a couple of gears; not so great when climbing steep hills!
We passed a house with lots of jindo dogs outside.

At one point we took a wrong turn and reached a dead end. 
Jason checks his map.
Back we go.

The tide was low and the islands were surrounded by hills of sludge.
Crossing the bridge from Sindo to Sido.

Angela and I left the main group to visit the film set of a Korean love story.

Instead of taking the road to regroup with our cycling buddies, we decided to take a short cut round the coastline.
The coast was rugged and rocky so we had to carry our bikes most of the way.

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