Monday, 29 April 2013

Namiseom - A Sunlit Island Community: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

Another popular way to get around the island.

Near the auditorium, thousands of books were being turned into pillars.

Crossing the bridge to Butterfly Island.

Angela escapes from the island via a fall tree trunk, followed by some children.

We had a delicious Korean barbecue outside in the sun.
There was a very small town in the centre of the island, presenting itself as Namiseom's capital.

Yet another cool form of transportation: sky-cycling.
We decided to give this one a try ourselves.

Back in the main town.
The Avenue of Sequoias.
Another long-eared squirrel.
These children were building pagodas out of rocks.

We followed this pretty coastal pathway along the southwestern side of the island.

Heading back into the woodland.

Eventually we reached the southern tip of the island.

As it was getting late we quickly made our way back towards the ferry port at the north side of the island.

Back at the ferry port.
Making a mark on the island, with a promise of our return.

Goodbye, beautiful Namiseom.
Heading back to Seoul as the sun sets.

I highly recommend paying a visit to Namiseom. It's within easy access of Seoul and is one of the most relaxed (yet endlessly engaging and entertaining) places I've visited in Korea. Angela and I are planning to return in the fall. Next time we're going to try touring it on bikes and/or pedal-cars!

If you're interested in visiting the island, simply take the Seoul metro to Gapyeong and follow the signs from the station.

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