Monday, 5 August 2013

Taking a Han River Cruise

There are many ways to enjoy the mighty Han River, which runs through the centre of Seoul. You can walk across its many bridges and visit its lookout cafes, which I wrote about back in March. You can cycle along its banks and tributaries, as Angela and I did in May. But you can also travel some of its length by ferry, something Angela and I had been hoping to do for some time.

Well, after a recent trip to Building 63 in Yeoido, we boarded an evening ferry that embarked from a port just nearby. We expected romantic views, and we weren't disappointed. Seoul's bridges and buildings look beautiful at night from the middle of the sparkling river, and the ferry's speakers even played love songs to add to the atmosphere. Though families and solo travellers will also enjoy an evening cruise, it definitely seems to be targeted more towards couples.

Approaching the ferry point in Yeoido.
Boarding the ship.
Angela on the deck, wearing her glowy blue bow.
After embarking from the port we began the slow crawl along the river, passing beneath multiple bridges.

Looking at nearby Building 63, which we'd just visited.

The cruise was too romantic not to get a photo of the two of us.

Inside the indoor-deck, where the boring people sat.

More nicely-lit bridges.
Having travelled east along the river for half an hour, the boat soon turned around at Banpo Bridge (which I wrote about in June) and headed back towards Yeoido.

Approaching the port where we started.

A Han River Cruise is definitely an essential activity to pursue in Seoul, especially if you're a couple! There are multiple routes and departure points, such as Yeoido, Jamsil and Ttukseom. Here are their respective metro locations:

Yeouido Dock
Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 3.
Yeouido Dock is 5min from the station.

Jamsil Dock
Sincheon Station (Subway Line 2 ), Exit 7.
Take a taxi to Jamsil Dock.

Ttukseom Dock
Ttukseomnyuwonji Station (Subway Line7), Exit 3.
Ttukseom Dock is 300m from the station.


  1. Do i have to book the ticket or just walk in to get the ticket? Thank you.

    1. You can get the ticket at the dock in Yeoido, no need to book in advance.