Thursday, 8 August 2013

Exploring Everland: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

Angela poses before the main square in European Adventure, an area based on quaint, European architecture.

Lining up for a creepy revolving room ride.
The room revolved around us as our seats swung back and forth, giving the impression that we were going completely upside down. It was quite disorientating.

The park also had an animal-themed portion called Zoo-Topia. We didn't go on the safari rides but we got up close and personal with a bunch of animals. This photo was taken a second before a goose tried to bite Angela's hand.

In the parrot house.

This shifty fellow was offering his trinkets to passersby.

Angela really bonded with this parrot. It knew English as well as Korean, and even said "goodbye!" to Angela as she walked away!
The sign reads "Safari World" or, should I say, "Sa-Pa-Ri Wuhl-Deu".
We went on this relaxing river raft ride.

This baby monkey was beyond adorable.
Not sure what this creature was...
...but Angela wanted to take it home!
One of the last things we did was ride the T-Express, the world's steepest wooden rollercoaster. It was by far the best ride at the park, and we were lucky we joined the queue just as it reopened after being closed for most of the day. By the time we got off the ride, the queue had quadrupled in length!

Making our way back towards the exit as the sun sets.

One last picture together.

Exploring the gift shops on the way out.

Angela bought a Gangnam Style T-shirt from the Psy section.

And that concluded our Everland trip! Overall we much preferred this to Lotte World, namely because we went on a weekday and didn't have to suffer awfully long queues for the rides! But it was also a very fun place to walk around, with lots to see and do besides the roller coasters.

If you're interested in visiting Everland yourself, you can get there by taking bus 5002 from Gangnam Station (Exit 5 or 10). The bus ride takes just under an hour.

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