Monday, 26 August 2013

Namsan Tower: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

A view towards northeast Seoul.
Looking down at the bus stop.
You can see Bukhansan in the background, while the cluster of tall buildings is City Hall and Jongno.

An antenna standing next to the tower.

Sightseeing is exhausting.
A view of Namsangol Folk Village, which we visited in February.
Soon the sun began to set, casting the city in shades of orange.

I took a few snaps of various spectators watching the sunset.

Dusk turns to nightfall, and the city starts to glimmer with neon lights.

At the giftshop.

More lovey-dovey stuff.
Lining up to go back down to ground level.
One last glimpse of the metropolis, before descending to Namsan.

During the evening the tower is illuminated in blue whenever the air quality in Seoul is 45 or less (anything under 50 being considered "good" air quality). Personally I think it would be more appropriate to light it up green.
Even at night the terrace is packed with people.
We were tempted to get the cable car down but decided just to walk, this time a different route to the one we took coming up.

Back in the city.
We headed to Itaewon to eat some Bulgarian food at Zelen Restaurant. It was delicious!
Cheese-stuffed tomatoes. I don't usually like tomatoes but these were yummy.
To end with, here's a touristy photo we got at the tower.
Though I think there are better views to be had in this city, I can see why N Seoul Tower was recently voted "Number 1 Landmark in Seoul" by tourists. Namsan Mountain is a pleasant place for a 15-minute hike, the views give you a strong sense of just how vast and sprawling Seoul is, and as you can see, there are tons of photo opportunities. If you're interested in visiting the tower yourself, you can find directions here.

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