Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Boramae Park and Korea's Four Seasons: Part 2

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As you can see, by springtime the trees and shrubs were blossoming with gorgeous pink and violet tones.

Lots of families were day-camping in the many green spaces of the park.
Fishing for flowers.
The exercise track was as crowded as ever, and its edges were lined with blossoming flowerbeds.

I found a pretty little stream that I hadn't seen during previous visits to the park.

Looking out across the lake.

This time round the pavilion was especially crowded. Once again, entirely by men.
These men are playing janggi, sometimes known as "Korean chess." The pieces have Chinese characters written on them, since the game originated in China.

Once again climbing the steps to the park's Buddhist temple.
The temple looked especially pretty this time of year as it was around the time of Buddha's Birthday, so there were lots of lantern decorations.

The temple's bell.

Back at the flowerbeds near the exercise track.


Summer was the first time I visited the park with a companion. Angela took this photo of me by the large plane.

Kids survive the hot weather by having water fights.
Angela's always been a tree-hugger at heart.
Note how empty the track is in summer. No one wanted to exercise in this sweltering heat.

Though you can't see them in this photo, by summertime the crowds of people were replaced by crowds of cicadas swarming in the tree canopies, their loud chirping obscuring all other sounds of the city.

While there weren't as many families here as there were in spring, some people still relaxed in the shadier parts of the park.

Not sure what the red ball was for.

Rehydrating ourselves at the water fountains. We were sweating buckets for most of our visit.

The pavilion was still pretty crowded, but only in the shaded parts!

Exiting the park towards Sindaebang Station, this wall painting depicts a pretty scene in the park.

To end this post, here are some composite images I made, showing the park's shifting seasons:

Two pictures showing a flowerbed near the lake, in spring and in summer.

The pavilion in four different seasons.

The memorial statue.

The exercise track.

I hope this post gave a good sense of just how diverse and contrasting the seasons are here. I also hope it will encourage people to visit Boramae Park, as it really is one of the most pleasant places to relax in Seoul. As you can see from the pictures, it's lovely pretty much any time of the year, though if I had to pick a favourite season, it would probably be the milder, colourful tones of Autumn. I am excited for summer to finish so I can enjoy those gorgeous reds, golds and browns again!

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