Thursday, 8 August 2013

Exploring Everland: Part 1

On our recent summer holiday, Angela and I visited the charming amusement park known as Everland. Located just outside Seoul, in Gyeonggi-Do Province, it is Korea's largest theme park, attracting some 6 million people a year. Despite some rainy weather during the middle of the day - which resulted in a bunch of rides temporarily closing - we had a great time wandering around the theme park's charming settings, and in the end we did get to ride a couple of rollercoasters, which was more than we could say for our trip to Lotte World back in February!

The shuttle bus station.
Entering the main park.

Angela poses at the Global Fair, the first area we passed through in the park. It was mostly filled with restaurants and souvenir shops.

It was very hot and muggy (as all days seem to be at this time of the year) so Angela embraced the water-vapour-emitting fences.
This area was called American Adventure, and everything there had a 1950's rock-and-roll theme. We rode our first loop-the-loop rollercoaster together. It was fast-paced and fun, but best-of-all, we only queued for 15 minutes!
Continuing the 1950s American theme: a ride called Let's Twist!
A view of the T-Express, the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. It was closed for most of the day due to rain, but luckily we got to ride it later on.

Riding this straight after eating burgers and fries for lunch wasn't the best idea we had that day.
Walking down a pretty flower-lined valley. The park's verdant surrounding scenery really added to its charm.

We soon entered another area of the park: Aesop's Village, which has lots of colourful buildings and characters based on the fables of Aesop.
Don't I fit in well with the whimsical backdrop?

Even with the drizzly weather Angela can't get enough of the refreshing water contraptions.

We then made our way down to a pretty garden area.

There were hundreds of children splashing around in the fountains.

We decided to be children too.

Angela displays her refined appreciation for the arts.

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2!

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