Monday, 12 November 2012

The Seoul Lantern Festival

This year, from November the 2nd until November the 18th the Seoul Lantern Festival takes place along the Cheongyecheon Stream in Seoul. Some friends and I visited the weekend before last, just as the festival was starting. Consequently it was extremely busy, and we didn't have time to see all of the many hundreds of different lanterns lining the stream, but we did see a good sample of them.

The queue was very elaborate, winding around a nearby skyscraper and zigzagging around the plaza in front of the Cheonggyecheon. It took over an hour before we actually entered the stream.

The entrance to the stream.

This shop by the stream was selling lanterns for people to light and place in the stream.

These last two photos were actually taken during dusk of the previous saturday, before the actual festival had begun.

And that was my experience of the Seoul Lantern Festival. Apparently there's another lantern festival held in the city during Buddha's birthday in May. Further proof of Korea's love for bright lights.

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