Monday, 19 November 2012

From the Sky to the Sea in 63 Floors: Part 2

After leaving the Observation Deck we visited the aquarium beneath the building.

A long, prehistoric fish.
Watching otters swim through pipes connecting their living areas. 
I'd recently taught my Toronto kids the word "treasure," so they were excited when they saw this. "Jimmy-teacher, look! Treasure!"

My Toronto kids also like the Pixar film Finding Nemo, so they easily recognised these clownfish.
A heart for Pepero Day.
Danny, Joe and Jenny.

These tanks had doctor fish inside them. You could put your fingers into the holes and let the fish nibble away.

Iguanas, or as the kids were calling them, "dinosaurs."

We watched a seal show before we left.
On the way out.
A very sleepy bus ride home.

And that was the end to my first day-trip with my school, which I enjoyed very much. Had I visited the building and its aquarium on my own I don't think I would have had half as fun as doing it with the kids, whose excitement was always infectious, if a tad tiring!
Expect more day-trip blog posts in the future, since our school takes the kids on one every month or two.

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