Monday, 19 November 2012

From the Sky to the Sea in 63 Floors: Part 1

I recently went on my first day-trip with my school, to the 63 Building. Named for its 63 floors, it was the tallest building in Asia when it opened in 1985. On the very top it has an observation deck and the tallest art gallery in the world. We also visited an aquarium beneath the building.

My kids in Toronto class, excited to be going on a trip.
It was November 11th, or Peppero Day, which is  Korea's equivalent to Valentine's Day, so some of my kids gave me gifts before we left for the 63 Building.
On the bus.

View of Building 63 from the bus.
Jenny at the bottom of the skyscraper.
Jacob eating a banana during snack-break.
Excitement as we ride the elevator 63 floors to the top.

On the observation deck. 

Toronto class posing for a photo.
Posing again, this time with my co-teacher Cathy. 

Vicky playing with my tie. 
Lots of Pepero Day cards.

Riding the elevator back down.

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