Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bukchon Hanok Village

During my second weekend here in Korea, my co-teacher Aicha invited me to join her and her friends for a visit to Bukchon Hanok Village. Located in the north of downtown Seoul, Bukchon is a 600-year-old village filled with dozens of traditional houses called "hanok."  People still live in the houses today, though many are also used as museums, inns and tea houses.

Entering the village.
John, Aicha and Sean.

Despite my excessive googling, I'm not sure exactly what these fruits are. Possibly some sort of peach. Whatever they are, they look tasty.
Edit - I've since been informed by Angela and Sean that it's a persimmon tree!

John, me, Angela and Aicha.

Seoul's Tourism Department offers free tours of the village, though we decided to just explore on our own.

There are some nice views of nearby Bukhansan (Bukhan Mountain) National Park.

You can see North Seoul Tower in the background, which I'll be visiting at some point during my year here.

Just outside the village, some Korean students asked us to pose for a video, smile and say "Welcome to Korea!" I think it was for some kind of project.
That's all for now. I might return to Bukchon in the winter, as I imagine the houses will look quite pretty covered in snow.

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