Thursday, 6 June 2013

Banpo Double-Decker Rainbow Bridge

Crossing the Han River in downtown Seoul are dozens of long bridges that connect the two halves of the city. One of the most famous is Banpo Bridge, which is unusual not only because it runs directly over the top of another bridge, forming a double-decker structure, but because it also holds an impressive rainbow fountain display during the warmer months of the year.
I've visited the bridge a few times, and decided to post some photos here. The first group of photos I took back in early winter when I visited with my friend Hollis, while the second group I took a couple of weekends ago with Angela.

Banpo Bridge runs directly over Jamsu Bridge. Together, they form a double-decker structure, allowing both cars and pedestrians to cross the Han.
Surrounding the banks of the river are some pretty parks where people exercise and admire the nearby scenery.

Over near the south bank are some floating islands, used to house various exhibitions and performances.
Crossing the river via Jamsil Bridge, which runs directly beneath Banpo Bridge.

A closer look at the floating islands, which Hollis and I decided to explore.

Move forward half a year, and people are gathering near the bridge on a warm spring evening. Soon the rainbow fountain show will begin.
The show takes place several times a day from April to October. We decided to watch an evening performance since the colours are more pronounced then.

The fountain moves in hundreds of different configurations, some of which evoke waving willow branches.
There was quite a big crowd gathering to watch.
We decided to cross Jamsu Bridge to see the fountains and lights from underneath.

Near the floating islands on the south bank.

The Banpo Bridge fountain display is definitely worth adding to any Seoul sightseeing itinerary. If you'd like to find out performance times, check out Korea's official tourist site.

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