Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Three Villages of Paju: Part 1

A few weeks ago, Angela and I spent a weekend in Paju City, which lies around 20 miles northwest of Seoul. The city itself is pretty unremarkable, but we had a fun time exploring its nearby cultural villages. First we visited Gyeonggi English Village, which is devoted to creating a language immersion environment for its students. Then we walked to nearby Heyri Art Village, a valley filled with numerous galleries and sculptures. Finally, we saw Provence Village, a bustling cluster of multicoloured shops and houses with European style architecture.

This sign greets visitors as they approach Gyeonggi English Village by car.

Before you enter the park you have to enter a mock airport security check.

We visited a bookstore in the village.

An English-style pub and telephone box.

Can you tell it was hot that day?

Angela and I were happy to see the UK and the USA's respective flags hanging right next to one another.
Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2!

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