Friday, 7 June 2013

Angela's Birthday

Angela celebrated her 25th birthday last saturday, so I thought I'd make a post about how we spent the day. Her Korean family took us out for a meal in the afternoon, and in the evening we partied on Angela's rooftop and then in the clubs of Hongdae.

Angela's cousin and aunt prepare the birthday cake.
Angela's cousin Eun-yeong bought us a gift of matching couple's wristwatches. While we're generally averse to the concept of couple's clothing, these seemed small and subtle enough that we were very happy to make an exception. In fact, we were immensely grateful for such a thoughtful and expensive gift.
Angela hugs Eun-Yeong.
Angela and her aunt.
And with her uncle.
Sam-Cheon pops open the champagne.

Cutting the cake.
Me, Angela and Eun-Yeong, just before leaving the restaurant.
That evening, we hooked up with Angela's friends on her rooftop, ate pizzas, and "shotgunned" cans of beer.
We later went to a club in Hongdae called Meet Market, which showed several provocative burlesque performances.
Angela with a scantily-clad partygoer.
Angela and Joselyn hang out outside the club.
All in all, it was an exciting day. Angela enjoyed all her birthday gifts, we had great fun clubbing in Hongdae, and it was such a pleasure to see her family again that afternoon.

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