Friday, 22 March 2013

St Patrick's Day in Seoul

Last weekend, I went with some friends to the St Patrick's Day festival in Sindorim, Seoul. I was expecting a pretty small turn-out (especially after the slightly disappointing Christmas market I visited at the end of last year), but it seemed like every single westerner in Seoul was there, along with a sizeable amount of Koreans as well.

John in his St Paddy's t-shirt, which has St Patrick's Day written in Korean, Irish and English.
The steps to the main festival square.

There was a stage with performances such as Irish dancing.
There was also plenty of uplifting folk music to dance to.

A lost balloon.
Never thought I'd see a Korean band playing Irish folk music, not to mention the drunken white guy lying on the stage.
More traditional Irish performances, such as this ancient Celtic hula hoop dance. 
Angela stocking up on the beer.
Kristen, Angela, Lauren and Lindsey.

More lost balloons.

Angela and me with shamrock stickers on our faces.

Sitting in the shade and getting drunk on Cass.
Later in the evening we went to a bar near Itaewon, where Vicky, Angela and I tried Irish Car Bombs (a cocktail containing Irish stout, Irish whiskey and Irish cream).
I don't usually do much for St Patrick's Day but I'm glad I went out for this one. I had a fun drunken day in the sun with some friends, danced to some cheerful music, and probably had way too much to drink. Overall, an awesome St Patrick's Day I won't forget!

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