Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seoul's National Cemetery

During our recent walk on the River Han, Angela and I visited Seoul National Cemetery in the Dongjak district of Seoul. Entombed there are the remains of hundreds of thousands of Korean soldiers, police officers, and martyrs who died for their country. There are also graves for several prominent politicians and leaders, such as Rhee Seung-Man, the first president of South Korea.

A view of Chungseong Fountain Tower, as we entered the cemetery.

The Memorial Gate.
Burial plots for soldiers, police officers and other "meritorious citizens."

This old man was hobbling around while shouting at the graves in Korean. Perhaps a veteran of the Korean War, calling to his fallen comrades?
A view of the Memorial Tower.

Enshrined within the tower are memorial tablets for over 100'000 soldiers of the Korean War whose bodies were never found.

Exiting via the Memorial Gate.
At a nearby metro station, a photo shows the cemetery covered in snow.

If you're interested in spending an hour or two strolling around the National Cemetery, the entrance is easily accessible from Dongjak station on Line 9, via Exit 2 or 4.

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