Monday, 14 January 2013

Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival: Part 2

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On Sunday morning I woke to a pretty sunrise over the valley surrounding our pension.
Back at Hwacheon, I visited an ice sculpture gallery carved into the side of a rocky cliff.

A replica of Hwacheon's roadside pagoda (which you can see a photo of at the end of Part 1 of this post)
King Sejong, creator of the Korean alphabet. 

The Taj Mahal.
Namdaemun, one of Seoul's gateway arches.

The Lotus Temple, one of the most visited attractions in New Delhi, India.
The Terracotta Armies of Xi'an, China.

Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, one of the most respected commanders in Korean history, known for his victories against the Japanese navy during the 16th Century.
Back at the ice festival, the sun was out and many people were sledding.
Despite still being ill, I decided to play a little ice soccer with some fellow Seoul Hikers. Our team won.

I also got a closer look at the bare hand fishing, though I was still unfit to try it myself, regrettably. 
The participants line up around the edge of the pool. 

The fishing begins.

The aim is to catch as many fish as you can and store them in your shirt.

One final parting shot of the festival.
Overall, despite being sick with flu and uncomfortably cold for most of the weekend, I had a great time at this festival. It was worth it if only for the experience of catching my own fish and eating it, something I'd never done before. If you're in Korea right now and like the look of Sancheoneo, you still have a couple of weeks before it ends. Just make sure you bring a lot of layers!

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