Thursday, 3 January 2013

Skiing in Pyeongchang

A couple of weekends ago I went skiing with some friends at Yongpyong Resort in Pyeongchang County. It was my first time skiing so it was a little nerve-wracking at first, especially as there were so many people around to bump into. But after a few hours of practice I (sort of) got the hang of it, and I'm already eager to go back.

The pension that we stayed in was perched in a pretty, Switzerland-esque valley about 15 minutes from the resort.
The pension-owner was this friendly old man. Wish I'd caught his name. His English was very good.
Close to the pension was a dog that always greeted us with a wagging tale. I felt pretty sorry for it being tied outside in the cold. 

Here we are at the shop where we rented our equipment. 

Pyeongchang is the county that will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics and 2018 Winter Paralympics. In fact, some of the skiing events of those tournaments will be held at Yongpyong Resort, where we were heading.
This is how things looked with my skiing goggles on.

At Yongpyong Resort.

Here I am looking pretty calm and content but actually really struggling not let my skis start sliding me forward into someone else.

On the cable car.

I was pretty envious of people who actually got to have lessons. 

We had dinner in Dragon Plaza, Korea's largest ski-house.
We also did night-skiing.
It was fun skiing at night except for the fact that, due to one of the beginner-intermediate slopes being closed down, we all got lost in a maze of ski slopes that were too advanced for us (well, certainly for me anyway). I think I fell over probably 30 times.
When we got back to our pension the dog was there to greet us again. 
The next morning we got a taxi to the nearby town of Hwahyung.

Some idyllic scenery on the train ride home.

This trip was absolutely worth the aching that my muscles experienced the next day at work. In fact I may consider going skiing or snowboarding again while I'm here.


  1. hey!
    We're looking at going to the same place in a couple of weeks - doing 2 days 1 night there.
    We havent booked accommodation yet - do you mind giving me some tips - how did you find pensions? and also when you say 15 mins away - is that walk or by car?

    One other question, my friend would be interested in getting lessons - do you know if they did any lessons in English?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Sorry, my friends arranged this trip and I just tagged along so I don't have many tips to give. It was 15 minutes by car, though quite a slow driving pace so it could be walkable too.

      Unfortunately I don't know if they did lessons in English. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  2. Hi what is the name of the pension?
    any contact email?

    1. Apologies. My friends arranged this trip so I don't know the name or email! Sorry :(