Monday, 1 September 2014


Following our beachside wedding, Angela and I spent most of our remaining time in Nusa Dua at the Courtyard Marriott, which was such a palace of luxury compared to most of our recent dwellings that we wanted to savour every second we had there. However, we did make a couple of small excursions, first to Marriott's private beach, then to Uluwatu, a coastal region of dramatic cliffs and temples.

The Courtyard Marriott's private beach was actually a short drive away from the hotel, but they provided a free shuttle bus there.

Relaxing with some Bintang, which might be one of the best local beers we've had on this trip.
Reading my kindle in the sun. My latest book of choice is The Manuscript found in Saragosa, a really fun Polish frame-tale novel. I've also been dipping in and out of The Wisdom of Father Brown, a collection of mystery/crime stories by GK Chesterton.
Sipping on a nice cold coconut.
This friendly chap came to say hello.
After bathing in the sun we walked along the algae-clad rocks around the shoreline.

That evening, we had a tasty Balinese meal of Nasi Campur Bali, consisting of chicken curry, beef rendang, pepes ikan (spicy fish), satay, fried noodles, vegetables and rice.
The next day, we took a taxi across the Bukit Peninsula to Uluwatu.
We had to wear these purple skirts to cover our legs as we approached the cliffside temples.
We spent the next couple of hours walking along the cliff edge and admiring the scenery.

At one of the temples.

There were a bunch of monkeys hanging out around the temple. They were pretty placid and mostly kept to themselves.

Close to Uluwatu is Padang-Padang Beach, which we visited for about an hour.

Leaving the beach via a narrow staircase in the cliffs.
Back at the Courtyard Marriott, we spent some time in the hotel swimming pool.

We had a few more days to relax at our hotel before returning to Ubud for a couple of days. It would be our last stop in Southeast Asia.

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