Monday, 22 September 2014


During our return to Kathmandu, Angela and I made a daytrip to the nearby satellite city of Patan. It has its own Durbar Square, which is very similar in appearance to the one in Kathmandu, but when the architecture is this stunning we thought we'd check it out anyway. We also took a walk around the streets nearby, admiring the russet-coloured buildings and bustling markets.

After leaving our eco-farm, we departed from the dusty town of Bharatpur to head back to the capital.
Passing green mountains. 

Arriving back in Kathmandu. 

We'd eaten pretty much nothing but dal bhat for an entire week, so that night we decided to reward ourselves with four different half-pizzas at Fire and Ice Restaurant, which has probably the best pizza we've eaten in Asia.
The next morning we were back to Nepali cuisine at Mo-Mo Hut. These mo-mos are basically dumplings with various fillings and different sauces to dip them in. 
Then we took a taxi across the Bagmati River to the city of Patan. We went straight to the beautiful Durbar Square. 
Some boys play with kites on a rooftop overlooking the square.

Exploring some peripheral streets extending from the square.

Some of the back alleys were chock-a-block with traffic.

A man roasts a chicken with a blowtorch. 
At Mahabuddha Temple, the Temple of the Thousand Buddhas.

That evening, back in Kathmandu, we met up with Haley, who we'd met on our eco-farming adventure in Chitwan. We ate some vegetarian food at OR2K Restaurant.
OR2K has some of the most well-decorated menus we've come across on our travels.
It's also filled with blacklights. We received our Indian visas that day, and look, there's a secret hologram on them! If you have lots of visas in your passport, I recommend shining a blacklight on them as you'll find they always have these hidden emblems on them to verify their authenticity.

We stayed in Kathmandu for one more day and then we were off to Pokhara to prepare for some trekking in the Himalayas.

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