Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three Gardens in Singapore: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

Leaving the Botanic Gardens behind us, we took the MRT to the Gardens by the Bay, which are overlooked by the impressive Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Our first view of the famous "Super Trees" as we approached the gardens. 

Marina Bay Sands seems to dwarf everything around it.

As well as the Super Trees, there are some other very futuristic attractions within Gardens by the Bay, including two large biodomes. The first one we visited was the Flower Dome, a contained world of perpetual spring, containing plants and trees from the Mediterranean and other semi-arid regions. 

Baobab trees and wooden horses.

The other biodome is known as the Cloud Forest, and in here was a cool, misty mountain of vegetation and plant-matter.

You can go to the top of the tropical mountain for some great views. 

By sunset, it was time to leave the biodomes and look for a place to eat.

We decided to have dinner at "Satay by the Bay," an area of outdoor restaurants selling satay sticks with rice.
Nightfall was here.

Before heading home, we had to see the Super Trees one last time. As impressive as they were by day, they looked absolutely stunning at night, like a supernatural forest of luminous trees. Needless to say, Angela and I took hundreds of photos, and it was really difficult trying to narrow them down for this blog.

During the day, the trees absorb energy from the sun via solar panels on their surface, which is then used to create a light show at night, during which the trees change colour. 

Leaving the grove behind. 
One last look at Marina Bay Sands.

While the Chinese Garden was a little dull in our opinion, we had a blast at the Botanic Gardens, and the Gardens by the Bay were probably the highlight of our time in Singapore. Seeing those Super Trees at night is an absolute must if you ever come here.

In the next blog post, we visit some final attractions in Singapore, including the world's largest aquarium, and the Arab Quarter.

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