Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three Gardens in Singapore: Part 1

There's something else that we loved about Singapore, which I forgot to mention in my last blogpost, and that is its abundance of greenery. Despite being highly urbanised, the island is filled with dozens of pretty parks and hiking areas, lending it the nickname, The Garden City. In more recent years, the government has been attempting to enhance the city's greenery even further, changing the nickname to City in a Garden. We spent one day exploring three of these major green spaces. First, we went to the Chinese Garden, then we explored the Botanic Garden, which felt like an urbanised rainforest, and finally, we saw the spectacular Gardens by the Bay, famous for its glow-in-the-dark Super Trees.

The Chinese Gardens.

Within the gardens is a small turtle farm, and we got to feed some of them.

The Bonsai Garden.

Away from the archaic gardens, we return to the future.

A brief stop in Holland Village. We were hoping this was another ethnic enclave, and that there'd be windmills and lots of bicycles. Turns out the place was just named after an architect called Hugh Holland.
From there we went to the nearby Botanic Gardens. Built in the late nineteenth century, the land was originally covered in virgin rainforest, which was gradually converted into a public park. Today, the park still has a sort "organised jungle" feel to it.

Saw this monitor lizard chilling by a pool. This wasn't in an enclosure or cage; we actually saw it roaming freely through the gardens just like us.

Located within the Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden. 

The orchid is Angela's favourite flower, so she felt right at home here.

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2, where we visit the spectacular Gardens by the Bay.

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