Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sanibel, Miami and Nightfishing: Part 1

From Days 8 to 11 of our trip to Florida, we continued to enjoy the sunny weather while we did a bunch of outdoor activities, including birdwatching, kayaking, nightfishing, and mini-golf. Here are the photos:

We had a very American breakfast on the morning of Day 8, including biscuits and gravy, omelette, bacon, sausages and grits.
Then we drove to nearby Sanibel, a sandy barrier island that has become a popular tourist destination due to its shell beaches and wildlife refuges.
Once on the island, we drove along a small road that gave ample opportunities for birdwatching.

You can see a flock of pelicans landing at the sand bar.
Needle fish.
While Angela's parents took Sunny back to the airport for her flight home, Angela, my mum and I stayed on Sanibel to enjoy its gorgeous beaches.

Then we spent a couple of hours on a kayaking tour of the local lagoon and mangrove swamps.
I didn't bring my camera as I wasn't sure of the risk, so these next two photos I found via a Google Image search. They give a pretty good sense of the sort of environment we kayaked through. It was a really fun excursion, surprisingly relaxing as we drifted through tunnels of crab-infested mangroves.

On Day 9, Angela drove us to Miami, on the Atlantic coast of Florida.
Saw some graffiti about the recent unrest in Venezuela.

Eating at a restaurant on Ocean Drive. I had a nice Cuban sandwich.

We went for a little stroll on South Beach.

There were hoards of college kids partying on their spring break.

Back on Ocean Drive, which is lined with colourful buildings in the Art Deco style.

Soon we were back on the road, passing giant cruise liners like this one.
A view of downtown Miami.

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 2!

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