Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Return to Korea: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

On Angela's birthday, I woke her up with heart-shaped breakfast in bed.
We have an ongoing tradition of making each other treasure hunts on our birthdays. Last year I took Angela on a hunt through Hanoi Vietnam, but this year I led her through Seoul, via clues such as these QR-codes.
We also went to Insadong and made handcrafted rings for each other...
...returned to the pretty district of Bukchon...
...and watched a live drawing show.
That evening, we watched fireworks on the River Han near Banpo Bridge.
Drinking with our friends.
Probably our most exhausting trip this year was our cycle to Gapyeong along the River Han.
We saw some stunning valley scenery along the way.

In Gapyeong, we returned to Nami Island, one of our favourite places in Korea.
Another trip took us to Semiwon, a beautiful park not far from Hanam.

One of the places we were sad to have missed on our first year was Ulleungdo, a mysterious, rugged island to the east of Korea. This year, we finally paid it a visit, and were blown away by its breathtaking scenery and awesome cliff walks.
In late June, Angela spent a weekend in California to attend her friend Stephanie's wedding.
During our last year in Korea, we visited Seoul's Trick-Eye Museum, where visitors can pose for optical illusion-based photographs. This year we visited a similar museum called the Alive Museum.
Posing with the monster from 괴물 (The Host) by the Han River.
Another new experience: silent disco!
4am in Hongdae.
In the week running up to summer vacation, our school held three special event days, including a water day, during which Angela hosted a fishing pool, while I held a water fight.
Our school also converted into a petting zoo for a day, including pigs, birds, turtles, lizards, a snake, a deer and an ostrich.
And we held a marketplace day, during which Angela sold cotton candy...
...and I sold popcorn and slushies.
On our first day of summer vacation, we saw a temporary exhibition of 1600 pandas near Lotte World Tower.

Click here to continue the adventure in Part 3, during which we visit beautiful Jeju Island.

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