Thursday, 26 March 2015

Florida and Georgia: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

After leaving the Coca Cola Museum, we walked through the Centennial Olympic Park.
Then we went on a tour of the CNN Headquarters.

The tour took us through the heart and bones of the news studio, including newsrooms, control rooms, green screen rooms, and much more. Definitely another must-see attraction!
Back in Florida, Angela's parents hosted a potluck for a bunch of their friends, where Angela got to showcase her traditional Korean hanbok.
A visit to sunny Fort Myers beach.
Some more crazy putt-putt.
Towards the end of our time in Florida, we went cycling on Sanibel Island with Angela's parents. We'd been to its wildlife sanctuary last year, but it was so much better experiencing it by bicycle.

I got a bunch of nice wildlife shots with my new camera. Considering it's just a simple point-and-shoot camera, some of the shots came out great!

Back on the mainland, we visited Cape Coral's beach, which is much smaller than Fort Myers', though still just as chill.

Eating barbecued beefburgers outside the family house in the evening. Bliss!
Even more blissful: crabs!
One last look at the canal.

Near the end of February, Angela's parents drove us to Fort Myers Airport, where we said our goodbyes to them. We've had to say a lot of goodbyes these past few years, and they never get any easier. Still, we were excited to be heading back to the country where we first met. Even after all our travels and sightseeing there, Korea still had a lot more in store for us, including new friends, new places, and new opportunities for growth and happy memories. Oh, and lots of soju and maekju.

Nevertheless, I won't be posting very frequently this year. I have too much other writing to do, including freelance copywriting and my novel. Still, Angela and I will enjoy the occasional interesting, blogworthy experience from time to time, and it's hard to resist documenting these in some form on this blog. Let's see if we can tick off those sights we missed out on the last time we were here!

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