Saturday, 3 January 2015

Two Lovers in Paris: Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of this post if you haven't already.

The next day, we went to the Eiffel Tower, enjoying some gaufres along the way.

Next on our itinerary was La Défense, a futuristic financial district.

Angela's always excited to see her favourite American fast food franchise.

Back into the more historic parts of the city.
We decided to take the long walk from L'Arc de Triomphe along the Champs Élysées, towards the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Place de la Concorde.

The Louvre.

Back on the Seine.
The love lock bridge.

As lifelong Francophile visiting Paris for the first time as lovers, we couldn't resist adding our own love lock to the bridge.
In front of Notre Dame.

We enjoyed some wine and light snacks as we people-watched.
We also bought some delicious macarons from this fancy confectionery store.

Enjoying another glass of wine along with some olives.

For dinner: fondue!
That evening, we went to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle up, as it does every hour during nighttime.

The next morning we went to pretty Montmartre to see the basilica of the Sacré Coeur.

Neither of us had ever bought a caricature before, so we thought we'd ask one of the artists of Montmartre.

Turned out this guy couldn't draw for shit. Why do I look like a cross between Bob Ross and a disgruntled Bee Gee?

One of the last places we visited was the Viaduc des Arts, a former railway line that's been converted into a public walking space.

Live music on the Paris metro.
The next day, we went to Gare du Nord to catch a train to Valenciennes.

Once again, we had to say goodbye to this city that we both love so much. While it didn't enchant us or sweep us off our feet quite as much as we were hoping, we're thankful we finally got to visit it with a loved one. It was particularly fun getting to do more romantic things like adding our lovelock to the river Seine and take photos in front of the Eiffel Tower.

More on our French adventures, coming up in the next post!

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