Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Reunion in Penang: Part 2

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On our third day together, the four of us rented motorbikes from Happy Ken, a cheerful character who sung and danced between showing us our new rides.
Preparing for a journey across the island.
We didn't take many photos on the road, since they were pretty hectic as we headed west along the main road until we reached Penang National Park.
At the entrance of the National Park.
We decided to park our bikes and catch a boat to one of the secluded beaches hidden along the coast of the national park.
While waiting for our boat to leave, we admired some local wildlife, including this monitor lizard...
...and prehistoric mudskippers! These curious "walking fish" looked like something from a book on evolution.
Taking a boat along the coast.

The captain let each of us try steering the boat.
Arriving at Monkey Beach. Penang has a bit of a reputation for lacking nice beaches, but we thought this one was pretty beautiful.

Matt gets his Go-Pro out for some jellyfish photography.
Enjoying some cold coconut drinks. We also ate some barbecued food, though the meal was somewhat spoiled by the presence of scavenging wasps!

After a couple of hours on the beach, we took the boat back to the National Park entrance.

This was a beach we saw from the road while driving back towards Batu Ferringhi.
Batu Ferringhi is pretty quiet during the day, though comes alive later during the night market.
Heading for another beach. This was the one where I proposed to Angela a few days before.

We walked around for a while, and ate some delicious Indian food at a beachside restaurant.
Once it was dark we went to explore Batu Ferringhi's night market, which runs for several kilometres alongside the main road.

Kimmi and Matt purchased some pretty artwork made by deaf people.

The next day, the four of us left Penang on a bus bound for Kuala Lumpur, preparing to go our own separate ways. Though Penang didn't offer Angela and me anything we hadn't already found in plenty of other places in Southeast Asia, we'll certainly look back on it with great fondness. It will forever be the place where we became engaged, where we secured our commitment to one another, and where we turned into the giddiest, happiest of partners as we revelled in our new relationship status. Of course, hanging out with our friends was the icing on the cake, and helped ensure that we had plenty of fun memories to take away with us from the island.

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