Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunset over Inwangsan: Part 2

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Continuing the climb towards the summit.
Taking a rest by a rock.

Some parts of the trail felt like walking on an alien planet. The volcanic stone looked very different to most other rocks we'd seen in Korea.

There were some local Koreans picnicking, or possibly praying, among the rocks in a wooded part of the trail. The man started singing in Korean for a while, his voice echoing around the mountain. 
Angela drinking some fresh mountain water from a spring. 
Looking back down at Seonbawi rock.

We soon found some stairs that helped us access the walls of Seoul Fortress.

Near the summit of the mountain was an observatory surrounded by barbed wire.

Standing on the summit while the sun begins to set.

We followed the fortress walls up the slopes of an adjacent peak.

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